Bledlow Village Cricket Club Saturday 2nd v Chearsley CC 1st XI on Sat 17 Jul 2021 at 12:30
Match was Drawn 19 Points

Match report The Reunion.

A few changes from last week with players coming back in but most noticeably the Captain missing out through an injury, hopefully a couple of weeks on the sideline will have have fit for the final 6 games of the season!

Mould steps up to captain from his Vice role, loses the toss and Bledlow end up batting anyway, so on a scorching hot day Mould avoids the potential abuse from fellow team mates if we had been made to take to the field in the peak of the day.

Ankit continues to open the innings re joined this week by Streaky, Chearsley also missing their regular captain & all rounder Ricketts was a boost to our line up.
The start of the innings looked steady, Ed Holland probing around the off stump line to both left and right handers, then a shorter ball offered and Streaky comfortably pulling away for 4 had us wondering how deep into the game an opening stand could go.
Unfortunately those thoughts didn't last long as Holland returned to his area and had Streaks snicked off looking to drive. Mould and Ankit had a solid partnership while Ankit mostly saw off Holland and scored where possible, Mould seemed happy to stay the other end and attack the younger seamer. The scoreboard was starting to tick over nicely at 5+ an over before Mould was undone & surprised with a leg stump yorker in the 17th over, bringing and end to the 78 run partnership.
Ankit next to depart 9 overs later after doing a solid job seeing off the opening bowling attack, frustrated not to convert his hard work into a bigger score but a useful job for the team nonetheless. Harman and Price both continued to apply pressure with the bat the the scoring rate rarely dropping below 5RPO. Price continues his good form with the bat this season with his leg side pick ups present once again bringing him one 6 on the day, a shot especially favoured when facing left arm over Miller. Harman also a bit more free flowing than we have seen him this season scoring 40 of his 47 in 4s, but with the heat around an effective way to bat.
Price the 2nd man to fall in the 40s one better than Moulds 44, what he felt was a poor LBW call but Prices friend, ex team mate and Chearlsey gloveman Ross felt he was bang in front! 6 & 7 of Catchpole and Janes were unable to add to the scoreboard too much, both being claimed by the young opener Lloyd back for his 2nd spell.
Reclik arrived at 8 to contribute 14 with a couple of 4s, hoping to reach the 250 mark and avoid giving up any more potential bowling points to Chearsley but hit one back into the midriff of paceman Ned Harris and had to depart. Harman then out shortly after, the 3rd man to go in the 40s, looking to bring up his 50 going over the infield but caught mid on by Goodchild.
Pearce, Moore & Jim had the job of adding to the total without giving Chearlsey too many extra overs to bat, Moore not known for his thinking plonks a massive straight six over the man at long off after facing 3 balls, Risk v Reward and all that...
Then reigning it back in he finished 8* from 20, Pearce going for 3 caught trying to add to the total brougth Jim to the crease, who was cleaned up 1st ball by another Harris yorker.
241 the total.
2 weeks in a row we have fallen just short of the maximum batting point mark of 250.

Mould with plenty of options with the ball this week, opted for Pearce and Reclik to give the most chance to extract any swing from conditions on a blue sky boiling hot day. Both bowlers being attacked as Chearsley came out the traps quickly, fully aware of what Marcus is capable of on a flat pitch B Moore dropping him at mid on in the 1st over could of been game changing, especially when the next ball went for 6! Thankfully for Bledlow the chance came again with Marcus on 24, the damage not as bad as it might of been. This time skied and taken by Price at mid on off M Pearce. A much needed breakthrough after runs were leaking from the other end, Ned Harris in his 2nd game for Chearlsey (also of Ealing 2s we were told) putting bat to ball very effectively and timing the ball very well!
Moore an early change to try and stem the flow of runs now Pearce was also into his groove the other end.
Rossy joined Harris at the crease and was happy to play the supporting role, disappointingly as I was looking forward to watching him go after Jims bowling, but a well controlled innings while partner Harris was at the crease with him. Ross eventually making a bad call for a run off a slight fumble by Mould in cover, results in Harris unable to make his ground at the keepers end and George receiving an accurate throw and whipping the bails off. The pressure then building on Ross after J Lloyd departs after facing 9 balls, caught Price and mid on again but this time from Jims bowling. Rossy tried to go through the gears but miss timing one to midwicket, Pearce gratefully accepted the catch and Jim picks up his 2nd.
The Chearsley middle order began to frustrate Bledlow, a partnership of 49 stopping progress towards a win, Runs kept going through square leg with one shot wonder Caiger effectively using his sweep. Mould in the game again with another run out this time from mid off after a small chase, thrown to the bowlers end and Ben able to swing his arm round to dislodge the bails with ball in hand, the call for 2 never on, Caiger goes and a needed breakthrough. Mould deciding to push through the pain barrier with his back troubles brings himself on up the hill in an attempt to blast through Chearsleys lower order, almost successful in doing so with a big LBW giving him the 1st, given by Chearlseys umpire, followed up with leg stump yorkers claiming no.8 & 10 with a length ball going through Holland at 7. Burnham & Lloyd defences unable to be breached blocking out 30 balls between them.

A winning draw for Bledlow picking up 19 points, the 2nd game we have been unsuccessful in claiming the vital 10th wicket, but a fantastic team effort on a hot day.

It was personally good fun to share the field with friends and ex Bledlow teammates in Ross and Goodchild who fortunately weren't able to cause us too much damage on the day.

Bledlow Village Cricket Club Saturday 2nd Batting
Player Name RunsMB4s6sSRCtStRo
6nb 8w 11b 14lb 
for 10 wickets
Ankit Singh ct Z.Hussain Bwld G.Miller 32 78 5 41.03
James Bacon ct A.Ross+ Bwld E.Holland 5 10 1 50.0
Adam Mould b N.Harris 44 41 9 107.32 2
Jordan Price lbw E.Lloyd 45 52 6 1 86.54 2
George Harman ct MGoodchild Bwld E.Lloyd 47 55 10 85.45
Alastair Catchpole st A.Ross+ Bwld E.Lloyd 4 9 1 44.44
Mark Janes ct N.Harris Bwld E.Lloyd 0 6 0
Andy Rec ct & Bwld N.Harris 14 19 2 73.68
Ben Moore Not Out  8 15 1 53.33
Matt Pearce ct E.Lloyd Bwld G.Miller 3 10 30.0 1
Jim Spooner b N.Harris 0 1 0

Chearsley CC 1st XI Bowling

Player nameOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEconomy
Z Hussain3.002500.008.33

Chearsley CC 1st XI Batting
Player name RMB4s6sSR
for 9 wickets
201 (51.0 overs)
Marcus Goodchild ct J.Price Bwld M.Pearce 24 26 3 1 92.31
Ned Harris run out A.Mould/G.Harman+ 74 73 13 1 101.37
Alex Ross+ ct M.Pearce Bwld J.Spooner 27 63 3 42.86
James Lloyd ct J.Price Bwld J.Spooner 1 12 8.33
Ben Caiger run out A.Mould/B.Moore 27 32 5 84.38
Zahid Hussain lbw A.Mould 30 38 5 78.95
Ed Holland b A.Mould 1 6 16.67
George Miller* b A.Mould 11 20 2 55.00
Stuart Burnham Not Out  0 18 0
Harry Lazaruk b A.Mould 0 7 0
Ed Lloyd Not Out  0 12 0

Bledlow Village Cricket Club Saturday 2nd Bowling

Player NameOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEconomy
Matt Pearce7.0133133.004.71
Andy Rec4.002800.007.00
Ben Moore13.024500.003.46
Jim Spooner13.0257228.504.38
Ankit Singh8.012000.002.50
Adam Mould6.031243.002.00

  • Umpire :
    Graham Moore
  • Scorer :
    Geoff Bishop
Photos and video of Bledlow Village Cricket Club Saturday 2nd v Chearsley CC 1st XI on Sat 17 Jul 2021 at 12:30

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Trying to bring up 50 over mid on.

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2s v Chearsley 1s-9076

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2s v Chearsley 1s-9080

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